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At KKB we use Creative Curriculum.  A new lesson plan is posted in each classroom each week.  CC focuses on the teacher's role in how infants and children develop and learn, the learning environment, what children learn, and the caregiver's role in the process.  This is provided through blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, library, discovery, sand and water, music and movement, cooking, computers, and outdoor activities. 
Daily sheets are completed by full time day teachers and part time afternoon teachers so you know everything about your infant's /child's day!
Kerri's Kidsville Preschool  & Babyville LLC
  1. The majority of our professional staff family have been with the center for six to eight years-one infant caregiver has been with KKB since the facility opened in 2002. The afternoon staff are Elementary Education majors that remain until they graduate. All staff family have a true desire for each infant and preschooler to feel secure and thrive.
Objectives and Philosophy
KKB is a professional facility designed with a child's comfort, needs, and enjoyment in mind.  the child-oriented facility will provide fun, educational activites and opportunities for which children may involve themselves. Activities will be available for group interaction or solitary play.  All activities will have educational merit. 
We provide a fun, secure, away-from-home experience for every enrolled infant and child.  Areas of interest will range from alphabet, counting, shapes, color, science, art activities, dramatic play, and fine and gross motor activites.  The learning and play activities will be presented in a learning center concept as well as more individualized table activities.  Caregiver interaction and involvement with the children will be as much a part of the program as are toys and educational stimuli.
Some non-denominational matrials will be used in the afternoon lesson and prayer will be said before eating. ("God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food").  If you prefer your child not participate in the lesson and/or prayer please let the owner/director know. 
More information about KKB!
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    Healthy Meals
    We serve breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. We participate in the CAFP. The owner will not serve chicken nuggets, fish sticks, or hot dogs. We do serve fresh vegetables and fruit from our garden and even couscous! We serve family style meals with the teachers sitting with the children and the children serving themselves. They put up their plates, spoons, and cups when they are finished. They do a great job!
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    Move Smart
    We are waiting on our certificate as being recognized as setting the standards to Missouri Move Smart Physical Activity Standards to help fight obesity, establish good habits early, and create attentive learners! We have many fun activities planned each day with parachutes, tunnels and mats for indoor fitness as well!
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    Our Goals
    Our program goals are to focus on infants and preschoolers ages 0-6. While at our facility they will always experience a fun, caring educational/play environment. The program is well balanced with both structured and self-directed activities that are centered around enhancing the development of the child socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
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    We love our INFANTS!
    Daily activities for 0-2's *Developmental and exploratory play experience and free choices of play. *Regular snack and meal times according to each infant's individual feeding schedule as stated by the parents/guardians. *A supervised nap period according to each individual schedule. *Interaction with adults, including holding, cuddling, talking, and singing. *Opportunities for sensory experience through books, toys, games, etc. *Activities enhancing the development of motor skills. *Opportunity for outdoor play as weather permits.
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    Private breast feeding area OPEN DOOR POLICY
    We have been recognized by Missouri as a Breastfeeding Friendly Childcare and a Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite. You are welcome to come in and breastfeed your infant, pump, feed your baby a bottle-or even visit your preschool child when they are older! We have an open door policy and you and your family are welcome anytime!
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    Dev. screenings / Spfld school annual Dial 3 screenings
    We complete bi-annual developmental screenings on all infants and children at the facility. We call the Springfield School System to come to our school and complete the Dial 3 Screening on each infant and child at our facility. Of course you receive copies of each screening. Most of our children are at a six year old level on their kindergarten screenings.
Meet the Staff Family
(under construction)
  1. Phillips@mail.com
    Kerri Newton
    owner/director 2002->
  2. Phillips@mail.com
    Crystal Matt
    full time toddler teacher 2009->
  3. Phillips@mail.com
    Jenae Newton
    part time toddler teacher 2008->
    social worker major
  4. Phillips@mail.com
    Ashley Nestor
    part time pre-K & toddler teacher
    2015-> Elem. Edu Major
  5. Phillips@mail.com
    Haley Parker
    part time toddler teacher
    January 2015-> Child & Family Dev./Childhood Ed & Family Studies Major
  6. Phillips@mail.com
  1. 12-24 month indoor play area
    12-24 month indoor play area
  2. Fall sensory table
    Fall sensory table
  3. dancing with scarves
    dancing with scarves
  4. Community outreach donations for Ambassadors for Children//collected from families and teachers/backpacks for foster children
    Community outreach donations for Ambassadors for Children//collected from families and teachers/backpacks for foster children
  5. infant room
    infant room
  6. playground
  7. our garden
    our garden
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Kerri's Kidsville Babyville LLC
3559 South AVE
Springfield, MO  65807
infants~ $222 (includes Parent's Choice formula, baby jar food, and baby cereal
2 yrs~ $165
3yrs and older (if potty trained) $149
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